Work Experience

Software Engineer & Tech Lead

June 2020-present

● Wrote a library to evaluate the safety and security of database schema changes that is run ~25 million times a day

● Designed, oversaw, and implemented various integrations between storage systems and our policy engine to ensure different privacy, safety, and security policies are being met

● Organized weekly 1:1's with my team to assist with coding, debugging, and design

● Contributed to PipelineDP, an open source Python differential privacy library

● Implemented a portion of the OpenID RISC standard for Cross Account Protection

● Rearchitected an internal tool to streamline internal app registration reviews and improve software maintainability, saving future SWE hours

Software Development Engineer Intern

Summer 2019

● Constructed a scraper using Python and Scrapy designed to do a broad crawl of the web

● Designed and documented the architecture of the scraper

● Integrated the scraper with various AWS services including ElastiCache, Batch, and S3

● Analyzed the scraped data using pandas dataframes

Application Developer Intern

Summer 2018
The Vanguard Group

● Worked on a DevOps team to improve their CI/CD pipeline

● Created a Bash script to update project POMs for testing before compiling

● Developed a Bamboo plugin in Java to automatically deploy plugins to various environments


Summer 2018

● Created a personal blog using Hugo hosted in Amazon S3

● Automated the deployment of updates using CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodePipeline

Alexa BattleBot

Kent Hack Enough Fall 2016
2nd Place

● Learned effective communication and teamwork skills by working with a team to develop an Alexa skill

● Generated MongoDB documents utilizing Python to make REST requests and organize the data

● Utilized IBM Watson API to perform sentiment analysis on the lyrics and input

Image Generator

HackYSU Spring 2017
Best Domain Name

● Collaborated with a team member and worked with Keras to utilize neural networks for style transfer between images

● Launched a website using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

Discord Chatbot

Summer 2017

● Learned Node.js to create a chatbot that can listen to and respond to commands

● Gained experience with Amazon Web Services and Google Search API


SpartaHack Spring 2017

● Created an Apple Watch fitness app and iOS app using Swift and Apple’s HealthKit


Kent Hack Enough Fall 2017

● Utilized the Myo Armband to control MIDI notes and play scales

● Built a web app hosted with an Amazon S3 bucket to display the data being received